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Building Inspection Melbourne

A professional building inspector is someone who can provide buyers and sellers of the property you with fast and easy to understand building inspection report. He should have the capacity to outline areas in a property that needs immediate repairs and those areas that might need repair and maintenance in the future. These reports will enable prospective buyers and sellers to reach an informed decision when negotiating for the cost of the property. In some instances, buyers may have to abscond the deal if the report does not meet the minimum standards he expected.

When you approach a building inspector for building or pest inspection, first do a background check to ensure that the inspector is qualified to do the inspection so that you can rest assured that everything will be done thoroughly and in the first round. He should be the type that leaves no stone unturned during the inspection, even hard-to-reach areas of a building.

Over the years, potential buyers have not been able to obtain consistent advice regarding the conditions of homes they have shown interest in. This has led to a serious gap that needs to be filled for buyers to be protected against spending their hard-earned money in substandard properties. In response to the gap, many professionals have sprouted to serve the niche, but still, I believe there is still something to be done. For example, the government licensing inspectors to protect its citizens from unqualified building inspectors. A qualified inspector should identify serious structural issues at a glance and in the inspection report, break down to a non-technical language understood by the buyer so that they can make informed decisions before leaping in.

Inspections should be carried out by qualified builders so that they know exactly what it is to be inspected and what needs to be put in a report and what is not.

Importance of building inspection

A home inspection is a process of performing visual inspections of a building to look for potential building and construction issues that might need immediate attention and those that might need repairs and maintenance in the near future. The inspector will be expected to examine all areas of a building, including the yard and outdoor structures. Building inspections by Gallo Property Inspections will ensure the following:

  • You will be able to access insurance for your building so that in case of emergencies or disaster, your home will have compensation.
  • If you choose at a later stage not to purchase while you have paid a deposit, there will be no guarantee that you will get your money back.
  • You will have fewer bargaining chips when negotiating the price of a building if you don’t have an inspection report.
  • If an inspection report finds issues that need to be addressed, that is where you will gain a bargaining power or ask the owner to redo the building first at their own cost. Or the cost of repair and maintenance can be deducted from the save value.
  • Another benefit of a building inspection is that it ascertains if the building meets the code of standards required under the law. Having the house inspected means that these issues will be detected early before the possession of the building is transferred to you.
  • A home inspection in a building that may not find any building issues may seem expensive, but it is worth it because of the protection you will get in case of disputes.

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