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House Painters Melbourne: House painting rules you shouldn’t forego

A quick paint job can immediately beautify your home. It can completely transform the way your house loos. In fact estate agents know that a house with a good curb appeal sells at 13 times the higher rate than an average home. While painting a single room on your own might seem like a doable job, when it comes to painting the whole house, it’s a good idea to hire a professional.

When hiring house painters in Melbourne, make sure you keep the following rules in mind to ensure a great looking paint job:

  • Avoid skimping on the material. It’s important that you pay your contractor for using high quality paint and primer. This is because top quality paint covers the wall better. If you have an option, make sure you buy paint which comes with a life time warranty. Go for acrylic paint, it is expensive but definitely worth it.
  • Allow your painter to prep the walls before painting. The surface on which the pain is applied should be clean and should be free from moisture or flaking. The painter might consider scraping or sanding the walls. Most people would want to avoid the prep because it might cost them extra, but it’s better to ensure that the walls are ready to receive the fresh coat of paint. Prepping the wall would help smoothen the surface and thus result in a better quality paint job.

  • Don’t scrimp by using one coat of paint only. While high quality paints work well with one cat there are certain surfaces which might require a second coat for a more professional look. This should be entirely left to your painter. They would definitely take your input on what should be done but make sure to listen to what they have to say.
  • Keep your expectations realistic. Just because you are getting your home painted doesn’t mean it’s going to look exactly like those homes in interior decoration magazines. There are several things which go towards making the way a home looks. However a new paint job is enough to provide an immediate face lift but it’s better to keep expectations as realistic as possible. If you are looking to add some texture or interesting glamor to your home you may talk to painter about textured paints.
  • Make sure that the weather is good before hiring a painter. It’s a better idea to avoid painting on a day which is too hot or humid. Exterior painting jobs should also be completed on days when it might be dry and sunny outside.
  • When hiring professional house painters in Melbourne, make sure you compare the prices and the bids. It’s necessary that you request a bid from at least three contractors. Make sure to get the references from friends or family. Once you have a few names, make sure you follow through and do some research before making a final decision.

We used Amazing Painting in Melbourne. We recommend them to anyone who wants a professionally executed painting job on their house.

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