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Floor Staining

The many benefits of floor staining in Brisbane

Floor staining has become quite popular. There are many offices which get their concrete floors stained for added beauty and better aesthetics. They are equally popular in both commercial as well as residential settings. There are quite a few benefits of floor staining. The following are a few advantages listed by floor staining Maryborough contractors.

Increased durability

Stained floors are quite durable. Staining a floor makes its resistant to all sorts of wear and tear. Since concrete floors are already quite durable, staining these floors make them more so. Unlike other flooring options which might become warped, flake or buckle under pressure, a stained concrete floor would remain looking as good as new. On the other hand these floors are also ultra violet light resistant. This makes concrete floors stain and fade resistant. A concrete stained floor would also not chip or peel off.

Aesthetically appealing floors

Floors which are stained properly have a look of more expensive flooring. These add an instant shone and brighten up the room immediately. In fact you can stain the floors to make them actually look like granite, marble, travertine and slate. In fact these mimic the looks of the original far better. This can make the floor look classy and elegant without you having to spend exorbitant sums of cash.  Concrete floors which are stained a single color look just as elegant. These can add an added touch of glamour to any commercial or residential setting.

Stained concrete floors help save energy

Concrete floors are more energy efficient than any other type of flooring. They have an ability to absorb the heat or cold and store it. It is them slowly released back thus making it easier to warm or cool a room quickly. This in turn reduces the load on cooling and warming appliances. In the long run you can expect to have lower utility bills because energy is being conserved efficiently. The temperatures remain constant despite a high or low in the temperatures outside the building.

Stained floors are quite low maintenance

While other flooring options might need polishing and cleaning on a regular basis, stained concrete floors are pretty low maintenance. You could simply use a wet cloth to wipe the floor and have it looking as good as new for the longest time.

Other benefits of Stained flooring

Concrete stained floors help improve the quality of indoor air. These floors do not breed dust mites or any other sort of allergens which can cause breathing problem in individuals suffering from bronchial problems. It also doesn’t retain any sort of moisture.  Plus it also reduced any sort of odors. All this combines to give the best indoor quality air as possible. It can be assumed that concrete stained floors are not only energy efficient but non-polluting as well.

Concrete floors are also water resistant. Despite the fact that water falls on these floors it would not impact it negatively.

With so many benefits, why not contact floor staining Brisbane.

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