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How to choose the right home electrician

Are you looking for residential electricians in Canberra? Finding the right electrician is crucial. When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, it’s essential that you hire someone who is good at their job. The right electrician can help make things simple and safe.

Keep the following tips in mind when trying to find an electrical contractor in Canberra.

  • You need to get a few recommendations. What better way to look for those then amongst your close family and friend circle. Everyone hires an electrician at some point. There are a few people who have all their electrical work carried out by a particular individual only. Get to know who works for them when the need arises. This would help you locate the best person for the job.
  • You can even make use of a local business directory. You are bound to get numbers of all local electricians. They are listed in alphabetical order. Choose a few random names and call them up. Having a small talk over the phone would also help you find who is willing to work on an immediate basis. Electricians are normally busy individuals. If you are looking for a rush job then you need to hire someone who is free at the moment.
  • Shortlist at least three or four individual electricians. Get a quote from all of them. Choose someone who works well within you budget. Do keep in mind that someone who is charging a lot less than the others isn’t someone you should go for. Maybe they aren’t that experienced or they might not be using the best products. It’s always better to pay a little extra and hire someone who has the right kind of experience.
  • Also get to know whether they are offering any guarantees on their work or not. Someone who offers a guarantee is a reliable person. They are sure of their skill and therefore not hesitant to provide you with a guarantee.
  • Get to know whether the electrician is working on an individual basis or do they work for an electrical company. Hiring the latter would definitely cost more but you can also rest assured that you have hired someone who is reliable and comes with a recommendation.
  • Do they hold a valid license to work in the jurisdiction where they are practicing? This is one way of checking an electrician’s reliability.
  • Also make sure to ask for references. This by no means mean that you shouldn’t give new electricians a chance. They can get a reference from the master electrician they trained under all the while.
  • Have a small interview with the electrician before hiring them. Talk about what you have in mind. If you are looking for someone to change the electrical wiring in your home, let them know. This way you would be able to question them about how they plan on carrying out the work.

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